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Sticky, smelly, cheesy soft porn? Only in France…

It’s that time of year again - when those of us who were offered a calendar for Christmas are half-heartedly hanging it up on an overlooked wall of our choice.


Sunsets, racing cars, Justin Bieber… Calendar subjects tend, ironically, not to be the kind of things you want to spend an entire year looking at.  


But fortunately for us in France, the yearly calendar frenzy has emerged as an unlikely occasion for the country’s cheese-makers to try their hand at soft-core porn.


Launched in 2006, the From’Girls calendar (‘from’ being short for fromage or cheese) is now something of an institution according to one regional daily. The concept is pretty straightforward, if not necessarily appetising. The calendar features 12 women, clad in what looks like the weekend wardrobe of a 40-something with a penchant for rural swinging. Posing provocatively and slathered in make-up, the only seriously abnormal aspect of the pin-up calendar is that each of the women is clutching a giant slab of stinking cheese.




Admittedly, the quality of this year’s calendar has improved massively since previous editions. Clutching a piece of cheese is one thing, but caressing, straddling, or whipping one is quite another…




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These images are what Hollywood used to refer to as "cheesecake" shots. Seriously. Perhaps, tongue in cheek, this was in part what the masterminds [if such they be] who created this campaign had in mind.
I love it only the French!!!!
Leave it to the French. I surrender!!!!
LOL @ "the weekend wardrobe of a 40-something with a penchant for rural swinging". And the writer knows this type of clothing... because...? LOL!
Cheese & crotch. Counter-intuitive to a good marketing mix. But hey, some people are into that.
I want a calendar, where can I get it?
French cheese is the best! The calendar is not bad either.... My message to French cheese producers - Bon chance, good karma ! Keep up the excellent work ! ! ! To the whiners I say, "you need to get out more - learn tolerance - improve your self esteem ! " STOP whinging !
I am emigrating next week. And I don't even like cheese.
Cheeezzzzsy Lookin' Chicks!
This is the oddest calendar I've looked at in 2013.
This is so awesome! I think everyone who lives in France like me and those that don't have wondered if something like this has happened. Now we can say it has for sure! Love it!
Cheesy Cheesecake !
Wow! This is so incredibly sexist and misogynist!!!!
i want publicity
Yes, it is
FOOD IS SWEET JOY, WOMEN ARE SWEET DESIRES These cheese-makers are not fooled. Greediness and excessive appetite are the besetting sin of mankind. In our present modern societies everything is related to carnal pleasure since many adore this ingredient. Then, say you won’t enjoy a taste, pappy? Hahahahaha..! Human beings hypocrisy is legendary : food is everyone’s sweet joy, women are everyone’s sweet desire -and the mademoiselles on the cheese are cute. This said, whom won’t buy these cheese ? No one. Many will die to taste this cheesy soft porn and enjoy every moment of these half-naked girls. Wait and see.
Does the English term "cheesy" apply?