Famous and fake: Twitter's funniest faux-celebrities

Never has parodying famous people been so easy. Twitter allows thousands of politicians, celebrities and even fictional characters to fall victim to online mockery. Here are a few of them…


@Hugo_Chavez, who is both enamoured by Twitter as a web-based loudspeaker, but also convinced that it must be ‘captured’ from the evil hands of ‘Macbook elite’ and then nationalised in order to prevent it from being used  as a tool of oppression: ‘Camaradas, yo soy el verdadero Comandante [I am the real commander]!! Lets us capture the Twitter to serve the revolution! … Fear not! I and my faithful revolutionary commandos will nationalize Twitter and solve all problems!


@_Carla_Bruni, whose every spacey and benign tweet is addressed to husband Nicolas Sarkozy, and begins with “Bichon…” ( a small-poodle like dog, used in French as ‘darling’).


Kim Jong-il, or @thedearleader is a sporadic twitterer who usually tweets about having every right to be sporadic: ‘You ask, where have I been? Silence! Do not question! That is where I have been! Besides, I've got a cult of personality to run here.’


@Queen_UK is by far my favourite. When she’s not ridiculing one of Britain’s beleaguered coalition members or her own royal relatives, she’s tweeting on ‘Gin O’Clock’, which now has its own hash tag. ‘Clocks forward tonight. An hour less to wait for Gin O'Clock.




And here a few others to add to the pot:


@M_Ahmadinejad: ‘Protesters! If you storm my offices, please have the decency not to touch my beard. In many ways, it's been my life's best work.


@David_Scameron on Britain’s unpopular austerity measures: ‘It's hurting but it isn't working. Great soundbite. Why didn't we think of that?


@Plaid_Gaddafi: ‘Once I save my thrown, I will continue on my journey to creating the United States of Africa. The best USA of the world.


@_Jean_Sarkozy (bimbo son of French president): ‘My life is hell: fucking Arab revolutions! It’s the best season to visit Marrakesh. What, do I just go to the Dominican Republic with the chavs?!



(Ndlr, Gaddafi cartoon on front page is from The Plaid Avenger.)

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