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Extremist arsonists 0 – Satirical weekly 1

  After waking up this morning to the news that satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo had been fire-bombed overnight, French web-users appeared to go through the five stages of mourning. Bouts of denial, anger, bargaining, depression and finally, acceptance, ensued. But after a few hours of Twitter-powered emotional rollercoastering, they were faced with a new problem – this week’s edition of the magazine had sold out.   “URGENT!” read one heavily re-tweeted appeal. “Charlie Hebdo is selling like hotcakes! If you know of any kiosk in central Paris still selling it, please please tweet the address, asap.”   Alas, nobody came forward.   So what comes as more of a surprise – that Charlie Hebdo didn’t think to protect their offices after such an outrageous provocation, or that its attackers didn’t envisage their actions as a munificent gift to the very magazine they were trying to denounce?   A history of trouble-making   Since it was launched in 1970 as a rival to the country’s long-established satirical Canard Enchainé (which continues to boast larger sales), Charlie Hebdo has never strayed far from the crude or offensive, and has no qualms in taking on politicians, celebrities, religious and business leaders… especially those who veer towards the right-wing.   Its decision to “invite” the Prophet Mohammed to guest edit its a special edition on the Arab Spring was far from exceptional. When Michael Jackson died in 2009, the paper splashed with “Michael Jackson Finally White”, alongside a skeletal depiction of the doomed singer (top right).   In envisaging former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn winning the French presidential election, the shamed socialist was sketched strewn with condoms instead of confetti (right).   And when Nicolas Sarkozy’s wife and first lady, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, gave birth to their baby last week, the president was drawn pushing a pram loaned by French investment giant, Bolloré, with the comic-style title “Stingy!” splashed across it (right).   With this out-to-incite attitude it’s no surprise that Charlie Hebdo has racked up a string of lawsuits and condemnations over the years – clearly serving as a crude form of publicity for the magazine. But getting fire-bombed has to be its most impressive feat yet.  
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The free world condemns violence, but the islam is provocative in their curan as to have hate speech against other religions and stating that their's is the only god and that they will kill all infidels. The quran is a a document of hate speech that must be condemned and the free speech enjoyed by islam is abused in the free world and used to gain power and to take away the freedom of other people.
I do not understand why the publication would associate themself with Mohammed? Educated & civilized people know Mohammed was a pedophile, and a pig.
What a strange state of affairs-if no one has seen mohammad, how can they say the picture represents the islam icon? If they are not allowed to make a picture of the icon, -ever, then they have no reference to a picture. If they say this picture represents the icon then they are blasphemous towards their icon because that picture is really funny and showing a very ridiculous face. If they have passports of muslim and their names are mohammad, does it mean those id photographs are representing their icon?. They are a confused bunch of trouble makers and one can only blame the curan for this. That document advocating terrorism and war is going to be the cause of a world war.They must change it.
Islamic fundamentalists CANNOT comprehend that they are fighting for a fictitious godhead. Islam is simply INDOCTRINATION, and needs to be banned wherever it pops it's head above the parapet. As long as the non Islamic peoples tolerate their destructive behaviour, so it will be forever a template for their oncoming generations to follow.
Members of Islam are showing and proofing (like here again) every day, that they never will be able to express themselves on any intellectual level. To answer by using violence is their only and remaining alternative. Quote fromone imam: "If I'm not Muslim, I would have also fear of Islam." And for how long we are still going to accept such primitive behaviour of that stoneage orientated "people"?