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The bad, the bad and the ugly in National Front campaign posters

The National Front claims to be France’s third political party. But in the first round of the legislative elections on Sunday, the far-right champs saw their dreams of national domination downsized to a piddly three seats in the lower house of parliament. And that’s only if the FN candidates manage to win their respective run-offs next Sunday.   One of them is Marine Le Pen – we weren’t expecting any less of her - and the other two are standing in right-wing bastions where many conservative voters would rather vote immigrant-bashing far right than let the dreaded Socialists in. Easy peasy. But what of the other 575 constituencies – what happened to the National Front candidates running there?   Surely the French aren't superficial enough to judge them by their looks alone?   Er...                               Thanks to tumblr feed ‘Logislatives 2012’, where you can find similar, cross-party, offenders.